General Contractor for House Additions

House addition construction by general contractor

Is your house getting too small to fit your needs? Have you dreamed of adding on to your kitchen or bathroom to add more space? As a general contractor, we have extensive experience in building house additions and expanding space throughout California.

You don’t have to move to a bigger house to get more space. Stay in the home you love and let us help you make it work for your unique situation.

Building an addition isn’t as simple as just adding a room. You need to think about structural aspects, to make sure your addition will last and be safe. You might think knocking out a wall would be easy, but not if it’s load-bearing. Knocking out that wall could accidentally cause a major home catastrophe.

There are also some other home elements that play a major role in building an addition. We can work with you to design exactly what you need without causing any structural, plumbing, electrical or HVAC issues.

Imagine finally having the room you need by expanding current rooms or even adding on a new office or bedroom. Typically, you will need a general contractor for house additions. We have the experience and knowledge to complete your dream addition and expand your home. Contact us today to get started!

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Don’t settle for not having enough space. Contact us to start your addition project!

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