People renovate their homes for many reasons. Design trends come and go, so your home may have been chic 15 years ago, but it now looks outdated. Rooms are heavily trafficked and carpets get worn, wear and tear on walls, appliances and fixtures can age a room prematurely.

So, how often do people renovate their homes? Do they do everything all at once or do they do one big project and then another one a few years later? We’ll answer all your questions and more.

What’s Your Budget?

When deciding to do a remodel, the first question is what’s your budget? If you have a $10,000 budget, then you’re not going to do every room in the home. You’ll have to pick one room and then follow up in a few years.

If you have a larger budget, then it’s possible to get everything done at once. It will be a major disruption, but if you want the remodeling to sell the home, then it might be worth it. Before deciding on what rooms you want to remodel, decide on what your budget should be. Give yourself a high and low range, so you’ve got a little wiggle room.

How Often Should You Remodel

Remodeling occurs when things are out of date or enough time has passed that wear and tear have caused the rooms to be less attractive. It also often occurs when appliances and fixtures need to be replaced and updated.

In most homes, major remodels occur every 15 years or so. It really depends on when your home was constructed and how long you’ve been living there. If the home was built 50 years ago and the last remodel was 20 years ago, you may not want to wait another 15 years for a remodel.

What Rooms Are Most Often Remodeled?

Rooms that get the most traffic and are most prone to damage over time tend to get the remodeling treatment first. The kitchen gets a lot of abuse. It’s a major hub of the home and is constantly threatened with temperature fluctuations, water damage and spills from food.

It’s filled with appliances that can break down and become outdated. We can’t forget to mention the cabinets that also get outdated as well. Kitchens are some of the most popular remodels because it’s a larger room and people spend a lot of time in it.

Bathrooms are another popular remodel because it’s prone to water damage, mold and wood rot. If you have low-quality cabinets, then the wood can warp and paneling can start coming off. There is no other room that gets as much abuse as the bathroom.

ModernGeneralContractor Can Remodel Any Room

While kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most popular remodels, ModernGeneralContractor can help you with any room and any type of remodel. We’ll help you from design to building and make sure everything comes in on budget and on time. For more information about us and what we can do, please contact us today.