Open Space and Custom Framing

Open space concept living area with custom framing and windows.

When you’re planning a major home remodel, it’s not as easy as knocking out a wall or moving a sink to the other side of a room. ModernGeneralContractor is an expert in custom framing and open space management.

Your home is a patchwork quilt of wires and plumbing that need to be considered when doing any type of remodel. There’s also ductwork from your HVAC systems that needs attention during a remodel. After all, you don’t want to mess with your heating and cooling systems.

We work with modern framing hardware and metal elements to create your room plan, while avoiding posts or walls. We are also experienced in creating stunning corner windows and custom cantilever spaces.

An open concept layout is a trendy design choice, and you can incorporate it into your home with our help. Our dedicated structure engineer makes sure everything is done correctly and up to code. We understand the structural needs of your home. We will work around load-bearing areas or change them to allow for open concept design.

Your home remodel is a major investment and you need every aspect to be perfect. Don’t leave a complex job up to anyone other than us. One wrong move and it can lead to structural problems that can be costly.

If you’re thinking of remodeling and want an open space concept or need custom framing, then contact ModernGeneralContractor today.

Open Up Your Space

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