When you want to make small changes to your home, you can probably handle those on your own. If you’re planning a major home remodel that will takes weeks, then you’ll want to hire a general contractor to oversee the project.

Many people outside of the construction industry don’t understand what a general contractor does. They’ll try and tackle major home renovations themselves and end up getting lost in the paperwork or going over budget. We’ll detail the ins and outs of general contracting so homeowners can make an informed decision.

The Conductor of a Construction Orchestra

When you’re doing a major remodel such as a kitchen, it involves many different disciplines. You’ll need plumbers for any changes to water pipes, electricians for wiring and more.

It’s a lot like an orchestra with the different instrument section. You have the horns, woodwinds, and percussion, but it’s the conductor that keeps it all running smoothly. They play the notes, but the conductor makes the music.

A general contractor handles the implementation of the renovation plan. They hire the subcontractors that come in and do the technical work and try to make sure everything comes in on budget.

Without the conductor, the orchestra instruments have no coordination. They can each play their part but there is no way for each part to work seamlessly and efficiently.

The Tasks of a General Contractor

When you hire a general contractor, you work with them to develop a plan, budget, and timeframe for the project. A major home remodel can take weeks and thousands of dollars to complete, so it’s important all aspects are planned prior to construction.

The contractor takes care of all materials and provides the labor for the project. They keep track of spending and maintain impeccable records for the homeowner. They keep the project on track and hire subcontractors for appropriate work.

The homeowner should be able to sit back and not worry about the work. They’ll get periodic updates from the general contractor and are notified of any issues or problems that come up.

Do I Need a General Contractor?

Many people oversimplify the work done by general contractors. They believe they can save money by handling it all themselves.

While there are some that can do this, the vast majority don’t have the experience, time and skills to handle a large scale job. A general contractor has people they know and trust that can work on the project. They’re vetted already.

The homeowner is trying to manage a major project, work their job, manage their home and maintain a normal life outside of the renovation. It’s difficult to handle all that and make sure the project hits the budget and timelines and make sure subcontractors get hired at the right time.

What ends up happening is the project has delays, the timeframe increases, and your budget skyrockets. You’ve lost all the money you planned on saving by not hiring a general contractor and much more.

Unless the homeowner has a background in construction, they have no way of knowing if what they did was done correctly. Don’t risk the quality of your remodel and hire a proper general contractor.

If you want to know more about general contracting or want to talk about a project, then please feel free to contact us today.